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Young Toddlers  12-24 months, Older Toddlers   24-36 months

Toddlers learn by moving, experimenting, and playing.  They are busy, busy, busy.  Our teachers provide opportunities for toddlers to safely explore their world and learn through hands-on experiences.

In our toddler programs, toddlers are exposed to early concepts of language, art, music, science, and math through play.  Both toddler classrooms have areas of play devoted to imaginative play, blocks, manipulative play, music, science, sensory play, and language development.  Teachers create and adapt activities to meet each toddler's needs and learning styles.  Self-help skills such as eating with utensils and washing hands (with assistance) are introduced in the young toddler room and progress to skills such as using the potty, getting dressed, and washing hands independently in the older toddler room.  Teachers foster positive social interactions between children, redirecting to appropriate behaviors/interactions when necessary.  

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