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Why TTA?

Our Philosophy

Tiny Thinkers Academy is a center that understands that every child learns in a different way. We teach children to explore and learn through play, guiding them along their journey. We appreciate each child for his/her individuality and encourage creative play and innovative thinking. Children are continuously challenged by learning specific goals that are set for them by both parent and teacher. Tiny Thinkers strives to provide an educational program to all children enrolled while offering a network of support to each family as a whole.

Family Engagement

We believe that open lines of communication are essential for a successful childcare experience.  Teachers are in  contact with parents throughout each day via the Brightwheel app which provides updates of each child's day on a live feed.  

We have an open-door policy and we invite and encourage parent participation in various classroom events, such as Mother's/Father's/Grandparent's  Days, holidays, and even guest reading opportunities.

Care for even the youngest children

We provide care for children starting as early as six weeks old.

When it's time for them to head off to school, our School Age program provides before and after care for children up to sixth grade.  Staff members will accompany your child to get on the bus in the morning and get them  off the bus in the afternoon.

Before your child ages out of care, we will provide you with resources and support in preparation for your child staying at home.

Community Involvement

Here at TTA, we make it a point to be involved in our community.  We sponsor a team for the Fleetwood youth soccer league as well as Fleetwood Baseball, we sponsor plays produced by our local high school and middle schools, and we work closely with community members to incorporate them into our program.

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